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Personal Injury

DiFranco & Associates is an experienced law firm in the area of personal injury litigation. A personal injury is a harm caused to you by another person. Commonly, these types of law suits include:

 Civil Rights Violation

• Police Misconduct

• Excessive Force

• False Arrest

• Unreasonable Search

• Wrongful Prosecution

• Jail Misconduct

• Public Employer Misconduct 


Medical Malpractice

• Missed Diagnosis

• Delayed Diagnosis

• Lack of Informed Consent

• Birth Injury

• Doctor Error

• Nursing Error

• Hospital Error

• Anesthesia Error 

• Surgical Error

• Pharmaceutical Error

• Medical Device Error

• Misread X-ray, Slide, and Ultrasound

• HMO Misconduct

• Adverse Drug Reaction

• Labor and Delivery Surgical Injury

• Spinal Cord Injury

• Improperly Prescribed, Dispensed, or Filled Medication

• Dental Injury


 Premises Liability

• Slip and fall accident

• Dog bite or mauling

• Exposure to toxic or hazardous substances such as lead or mold

• Security Failure


 Use of Defective or Dangerous Products

• Construction Accident

• Workman’s Compensation

• Claim Arising from Injury at Work


 Vehicle Crash                       

• Car Accident

• Motorcycle Accident

• Boat Accident


Individuals injured in these types of occurrences often times receive monetary awards from the offenders. A DiFranco & Associates attorney will consult with you free of charge to determine if you have a case and we will file your case without delay and without upfront cost to you.


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